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Matt Brown

Hmm, hello everyone. This is Matt Brown, getting the first post in the Official Derek Waterfield Fanclub. I just wanted to let everyone know that this IS real, and please, promote this community, and tell everyone far and wide to join, as I KNOW we all love Derek in some way.

Now, two orders of business.

1. I need someone to pretty this journal up.

Yes, it is rather bland and generic, and someone making it look badass would be great. For the background, I was thinking a collage of Derek pictures, or perhaps a Fear Before picture. Something to compliment Derek's greatness.

2. In the comment section, post memories you have with Derek!

Let's kick off the Derek Fanclub the correct way. Alright? This is easy, as I am SURE everyone here has good memories with our pal Derek. Anyway, as the bold says, just post some memories you have with Derek, and keep it going!

Oh, one more thing.


Thanks everyone,

Matt Brown (President Of The Derek Waterfield Fanclub)
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Let me get the ball rolling and post some memories.

I remember once I was at Derek's house, a lovely place. I was in the kitchen, and everyone was playing cards, I believe, smoking. Derek, of course, was kicking ass. Ben and Aaron decided to go outside and wrestle. Derek and I follow. Ben wresteled Aaron, and Aaron won. However, Derek was there to monitor it, to make sure it didn't go out of hand. Had Derek not been there, I am sure it would have ended badly. Then I wrestled Aaron and it ended in draw.

Another memory I have of Derek is at the Anthology movie premiere. Derek was in the movie, obviously, and when his part came up, EVERYONE in the building cheered. It was amazing, all the love and admiration for Derek was incredible.
shut the fuck up i'll pretty it up i just dont feel like it now.
D-rock is such a wonderful and beautious creature. I love him with 8 tenths of my heart. I have alot of nice memories of him but to start off i think that its required that i talk about this one:
So this one time Derek and I (jacklyn eva michalski) were at shala's house (some other kids were there, but they dont really matter) so anyway me and derek are at shala's house and I decided that i want to plant one right on my good man's lips. Now he is a little hesitant, but after i ask a few times he gives in and that was the best kiss ever(i'm pretty sure fireworks shotoff in the distance)

Also i think i should mention that every morning i wake up and ship myself off to plainfield high school. I dread it so much because, well, it sucks there, so anyway... the whole bus ride i'm all like"oh no we are almost there" and then finally we are there, and as the minutes grow closer to the time that i have to begin sitting in classes with these terrible teachers and horrid kids something magnificant happens..... I SEE DEREKS BEAUTIFUL FACE. and my whole day is brighter.

P.s. dear matt and steph, thank you for amking something for us all to regognize how much we love derek.
someone told me this was a porno site. I see no boobies! email with why this is at
Thank you very much Jackie.

And no, this isn't porn. is porn. Use it wisely.
mm i so good at making sezzzi icons
i fucking love derek. that is the truth.
you people were asked to do one effing thing and that was to fucking post some memories. I AM DISGUSTED. get to it assholes
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